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David Anointed (1 Samuel 16) | Story

David Anointed (1 Samuel 16) | Story

David is today’s bible hero because he shows us the gift of Character.

Essential Teachers notes:
David is anointed but not as king, rather as a chosen one, the elect of God. His anointing was not meant as a threat to Saul and his kingship would not begin for at least another decade. But unlike Saul he would have most of his adult life to prepare both himself and the nation for his kingship.

Main Passage : 1 Samuel 16

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David Anointed (1 Samuel 16) | Craft 2


Samuel was faced with a choice, 7 young men, any of whom could have made great kings, but God said no repeatedly. This spinner is a simple reminder that the choice was God’s and that we can’t judge by what we see. David Anointed (1 Samuel 16) | Craft 2

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David Anointed (1 Samuel 16) | Craft


This David Anointed craft is a last minute gift. It’s a simple idea incorporating the key idea of the passage and the oil of anointing. David Anointed (1 Samuel 16) | Craft

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David Anointed (1 Samuel 16) | Worksheet

David Anointed-Worksheet
This worksheet is a lovely little independent activity for the David story and can be completed by a range of age groups. The worksheet ties into the story heavily by matching the fictitious symbols with the brothers of David. The children will need glue & scissors. You may want to reattach the top of the worksheet with tape.

The PDF can be downloaded by clicking on the images.

David Anointed (1 Samuel 16) | Games


The hero in this story is the young boy David as he shows his heart for God and is anointed as the future king. The games play on the three ideas of the family traits held by the brothers, the shepherd David, and the revelation of David’s heart.

David Anointed (1 Samuel 16) | GamesDavid Anointed (1 Samuel 16) | GamesDavid Anointed (1 Samuel 16) | Games

Just like you – This is a simple matching game. Play with a big group by getting into small groups for each round or play in a small group by simply getting into pairs. Once the groups are formed the leader calls out a category and the children have to find something they have in common associated with it. Repeat answers are not allowed. Eg. If the category is green perhaps all the people in the group may have green eyes, if the category is school perhaps they are in the same school year. Good categories are colours, months, places, numbers, & family members.

David Anointed (1 Samuel 16) | GamesDavid Anointed (1 Samuel 16) | GamesDavid Anointed (1 Samuel 16) | GamesDavid Anointed (1 Samuel 16) | Games

David’s sheep – This is a very silly game for a well controlled group. Have the group choose a person to play David the shepherd. As David goes looking for his sheep he finds other animals. Have David walk round the room calling the various animals he sees ‘here snails’…’here cats’…etc. the children then act out the animal, complete with noises. When David say’s ‘here sheep’ the children have to ‘Baa’ and run to David. The first person there becomes David and the game repeats.
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David Anointed (1 Samuel 16) | Story/craft

This is the accompanying images for the story of David’s Anointing. You can run it as a story, as an extra illustration or as a craft. Story post here.
29-M-p129-M-p2Print out the PDF on paper or card stock. I’ve included 2 versions, one with the objects the brothers chose separately and another with them already included – you only need one set. Do not use photographic or coated paper.

You will also want the story provided to refer to and a tray of dark paint or something to pain with. Add to the printout of David a heart cut from sticky back plastic or clear tape, you can stick this over his heart or face or both. (I used clear parcel tape)

As you tell the story you use these images to illustrate it. Slowly bring out each image at the beginning of the story, allow the children to name the brothers if you wish. If you wish to use the official names they are Eliab, Abinadab, Shimea, Nethanel, Raddai, Ozem and we just don’t know the last one. …continue reading

David Anointed (1 Samuel 16) | Character Images


Here are the images you need for the hero’s attributes linked to David Anointed (1 Samuel 16).

Each hero’s page set contains a high quality graphic of the character, a take home bible card and a colouring page.

The images are displayed small here, click on the image you wish to have, then save the image that loads.
(Please note : these images have no watermark but are not copyright free, they are only intended for classroom use.)







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