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Psalm 118 + Palm Sunday | Craft 2


Palm Sunday and Psalm 118 set such a vivid scene, the shouts of ‘blessed is he’ float on the air turning from a song of praise into an event of joy with our saviour arriving on the donkey’s back. This craft captures. A gentle movement has the crowd waving their arms and branches. Psalm 118 + Palm Sunday | Craft 2

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Psalm 118 + Palm Sunday | Craft 1


If you need a super speedy, preschool friendly, 3 minute craft for Palm Sunday and Psalm 118 I’ve got you covered! Psalm 118 + Palm Sunday | Craft 1

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Psalm 118 | Colouring pages


Psalm 118 + Palm Sunday colouring pages

The Psalm lessons each have two colouring pages in place of the usual Hero Resources.
These will print on either A4 or US letter sized paper as they are made slightly bigger than both.

The images are displayed small here, click on the image you wish to have, then save the image that loads.
(These images are not copyright free, they are for personal/classroom use only.)



Psalm 118 | Story

Psalm 118 | Story

Essential Teachers notes:
This week we look at Psalm 118 – it’s got such strong echoes of palm Sunday for us and yet it was written long, long before the event. As the set psalm for Palm Sunday it allows us to weave the two stories together to give the familiar narrative a parallel perspective.

These psalm lessons follow the Lectionary passages for the six weeks of year B Lent.

Use this or a similar story of your choice from a favourite bible translation or story book. This version is supplied for inspiration, feel free to omit or embellish to give it your personal voice.

Main passage: Psalm 118: 1-2, 19-29
Additional Passages: Matthew 21:1–11, Mark 11:1–11, Luke 19:28–44, and John 12:12–19.

PDF available by clicking on the image above.

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