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Early Life of Paul – Escapes | Guide

Early Life of Paul - Escapes | Guide

If you’ve not done already then why not have a look at the crafts designed to go with the lesson right here on JWL!

Craft link – Crawling Paul + 2 videos & Jesus Speech bubbles


This is a layered paper craft available from the ‘my little house’ site. it’s designed to be a calendar, as you can see, but you could work with just the picture. LINK
A rather lovely full lesson on Paul’s escape from Damascus is written out with games and crafts. LINK

I think this craft looks amazing but just a little bit complex to set up. Basically the jail model is made and when it shakes the walls fall down. full instructions and printouts are available LINK
Want a full lesson for just the Paul and Silas story? This one comes complete with a word blank worksheet and a coulouring page. PDF LINK
 A Paul and Silas craft that could be used as a large class project comes from this colouring picture. scrunched up tissue paper or coloured plastic stained glass windows would both work.LINK

Please do comment if any of these links have stopped working so alternatives can be posted.


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3 responses to “Early Life of Paul – Escapes | Guide”

  1. Jeannette says:

    link to “lovely full lesson” no longer works.

    thank you so much for compiling these resources and for creating your own; they’re fabulous!!

    • Kate says:

      Thank you Jeannette for pointing this out. I’ve corrected the link, the site must have reshuffled it’s filing system! Don’t often get time to check these old links, really appreciate your help!

  2. Brazil says:

    I have been surfing on the web for several hours now, and I discovered your post to be one of the best constructed articles and will definitely pass it along to a few buddies. Thanks for the great site! Ok, time for me to head back to this Brazilian paradise on the beach!

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