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Healing at the Pool (John 5) | Play


Healing is an odd theme to base games around, illness isn’t usually a fun topic. these games therefore concentrate on the pool, the question, and the social position the invalid may have felt he held.


Healing at the Pool (John 5) | PlayHealing at the Pool (John 5) | PlayHealing at the Pool (John 5) | PlayHealing at the Pool (John 5) | PlayHealing at the Pool (John 5) | PlayHealing at the Pool (John 5) | Play

In the mat – you’ll need some towels or bedding rolls for this game as well as a box of objects. In was usual for beggars and the ill to sit on a thin mat which would have rolled up easily, but inside this roll you could hide things. demonstrate this by using a piece of paper and show how it doesn’t drop out. tell the children that they each have a mat (towel or bedroll) and that they must take an object from the box, roll the mat and transport the object safely to the other side of the room. you can either make this competitive or a team task. talk about how little the invalid would have been able to carry with him each day.
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Healing at the Pool (John 5) | Talk

Healing at the Pool (John 5) | Talk 
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Today’s hero is the invalid by the pool because he shows us the gift of wanting.

Essential Teachers notes:
Bethesda’s healing pool had five colonnades, four to surround it and one through the centre. It’s safe to assume the man having been there so long would have held a social position as well as a ‘better’ spot for observing the crowds that passed through. While the healing can be overshadowed by the breaking of Sabbath rules and the leaders to persecution I’d deliberately not gone in that direction. Equally I’ve shied away from Jesus’ inference that his illness was caused by his sin. Rather than dwell on the surrounding elements this story focuses on the healing itself and the desire or ‘want’ the un-named hero has for being well.

Main Passage : John 5:1-14

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Witnesses to the crucifixion | Make 2


I spinning crafts for both Nicodemus and the woman at the well are rather popular choices so with a little nudge from a friendly comment I made up a version for the witnesses to the Crucifixion story.

It’s three scenes have no words. It shows the city, Golgotha, and the garden. When it comes to characters I’ve included the three from the witnesses to the Crucifixion lesson as well as lots of extra’s. Where you place the characters and which you choose to use is totally dependant on how you are telling the story and which gospel is your base.
Witnesses to the crucifixion | Make 2

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King Saul | Make 2


If ever a lesson needed you to get the fabric out it’s this one. While you can make your own capes quite easily I recognise that’s a bit more fabric than many groups want to be working with, so here is a super simple cape to make for King Saul. King Saul | Make 2

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King Saul | Direct

Tabitha Dorcas worksheet
This worksheet about King Saul looks at the cloak he wore and how it came to represent his kingship, both the blessings he received and the failures he encountered. It’s a sheet designed to use in small groups though it would be possible to complete independently. The sheet gets the kids to identify, describe, discuss, ponder and finally decode the fun puzzle at the end.

To complete the worksheet you will need something to write and draw with.

The PDF can can be downloaded by clicking on the image.

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