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Peter on water (Matthew 14) | Guide


If you’ve not done already then why not have a look at the crafts designed to go with the lesson right here on JWL!

Craft link 1 – Peter’s mini boat -&- Craft link 2 – Peter’s big boat


Usually I try not to link to the same sites all the time, but Paul on bible story guy did a great picture of a newspaper alongside his telling of the story. It would be easy to blank out the words and get the kids to rewrite the text if you have children who are more into writing? LINK
Focusing on the weather, these dominoes are a simple way to lead into the discussion on the storm of the story and into the idea that sometimes our lifes are storm too. Click on the weather set for the pdf.LINK

Deider on ‘My little house’ has a lovely set of flannel-graph pictures for the big catch story that could also be used to tell this one. I’m sure these could be used for a visual telling of the story in many ways, I think I would print them large and get the kids to act out the story on the floor.LINK
 Kids corner has a full set of resources to use for the story including a secret message to decode and a remember rhyme LINK
I absolutely love this game, there is a version on the games page but this is a more polish look. You could modify the craft to do it but you would have to have used strong card. LINK
I simply had to link to the ‘stick a stick on the back and cut a slit in the paper’ type craft that is traditionally done with this story. I found a nice printable here which has three on a page for the paper economic. It’s the last craft on the page.LINK
If you have a little prep time there is the jelly / jello option. This works very well and though I’ve featured two images the one which uses spoons is the one I’ve linked to as it’s got nice clear instructions LINK
Lastly there is the shaken storm bottle, jesus, the boat, and Peter can all be images on small pieces of cork, the shaking will make them sink slightlyLINK

Please do comment if any of these links have stopped working so alternatives can be posted.


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