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Rhoda’s Discovery (Acts 12) | Guide


If you’ve not done already then why not have a look at the crafts designed to go with the Rhoda lesson right here on JWL!

Craft link 1 – Quick mazes -&- Craft link 2 – Pop-up bible house card


There are more angel crafts that one could shake a stick at, or use a stick for, but I particularly like this one that uses types of pasta. LINK
 Younger children will love the idea and the security of an angel leading them to safety, so why not make some wings. obviously you could just cut them from card, but paper plates give a great result. (warning glue gun needed or stapler, older children who take an interest could probably do this unaided) LINK

There is a lovely jail craft described at this site using a foam tray and some twine wrapped round it. It’s got no pictures sadly, though the concept is simple LINK 


PLUS, as mentioned before :There is a full session of things to do through Scripture union for the younger age groupLINK

Please do comment if any of these links have stopped working so alternatives can be posted.


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