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The least of these (Matthew 25:31-46) | Guide

The least of these (Matthew 25:31-46) | Guide

If you’ve not done already then why not have a look at the crafts designed to go with the lesson right here on JWL!

Craft link 1 – Sheep Bags -&- Craft link 2 – Rice Sheep

Sheep, goats, and other animals… the craft list is endless. Knowing that a sewing machine is not everyone’s thing, here is a roundup of some lovely alternatives that I’ve found on-line.

Wool wrapped sheep – formed from a kidney bean shape of card, clothes peg legs, and bits of felt for ears. Really simple and works well with different colour wools.LINK
Papercraft sheep – I once tried to do this myself, but failed miserably. Didier on the other hand is much better and as part of his nativity set made sheep that became my favourite characters in the whole scene. link will take you to the animals book and you need page 10 which will make 2 sheep. LINK

Egg sheep are quite possibly one of the cutest things I’ve every seen. I wouldn’t bother dying them brown to start with though. Pipe-cleaners, a bit of brown card, the obligatory cotton wool and a black marker give this hard boiled egg a new life… and if it breaks then the kids can eat it! Linked to the original instructions. LINK 
Found these lovely hand print sheep the other day and knew they had to be added to the list here.LINK 
Another late addition, I do like the idea of using natural wool to make these, and it would be a different technique, for to be honest most crafts end up with paper and glue.LINK 
A final addition comes in the form of food. while I’ve seen crackers covered in marshmallows and biscuits galore, these cakes defiantly win the show. LINK 

Please do comment if any of these links have stopped working so alternatives can be posted.


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