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Zacchaeus (Luke 19) | Guide


If you’ve not done already then why not have a look at the crafts designed to go with the lesson right here on JWL!

Craft link – Zacchaeus tree


Paul has done it again, on bible story guy, providing a really bouncy telling of the Zacchaeus story with a few well placed and beautiful images. LINK
 If you wanted to illustrate the story there is a lovely watercolour set available here at sermons 4 kids! LINK

This is a straight-forward, but effective, tree craft, the frame is optional and it would be easy to print a small version of the Zacchaeus hero to stick in the branches.LINK 


I really love the simplicity of this craft, moving parts always go down well. You need to click on the word ‘craft’ in the post to see the document. LINK
Another tree craft that could have Zacchaeus added in, or just used to show how God know’s us, is this one from ‘Factory Direct Craft’ which uses fingerprints. Paints can be messy but stamp pads and wet wipes allow you to have quite a lot of control over unpredictable liquid stuff!LINK
Lastly this is a beautiful group project, you could use it as a prayer tree or write names on the leaves, anything your heart desires. Group projects are great as lasting memories for the church community and to form community by working together. LINK
A late addition, and out of the ordinary as it has to be paid for, but a great little project has been put together of a manga style interactive story book. If you have the type of kid who’ll appreciate this then you probably know it already. LINK

Please do comment if any of these links have stopped working so alternatives can be posted.


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