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A little update

If you are new to JWL then that’s great, come on in and join the fun, explore, discover, and feel free to adapt to your personal needs.

If however you’ve been visiting the site for some time then there are a good handful of changes this year that may have left you wondering and this is a brief explanation as to why.


A little update


Firstly you’ll notice the guide posts have disappeared and the blog has been scrapped with some posts being put into a new section called ‘Prep teachers’. Both these sections were becoming neglected and those ‘Preparing to teach’ posts were something we wanted to integrate more with lessons. You may also spot the icons are coloured not white now to make them a bit more obvious, and the text size had increased across the site too!


A little update

The most obvious change for many will be the new download buttons. It seems a crude thing to remind and ask at every click but after many months and years of the gently gently approach, of one off donations of generosity rather than the slow trickle of a shared load, we decided something had to change. JWL has been kept afloat by donors who have supported me as a missionary over the last 5+ years, but lives change. Now JWL is serving so many it’s hoped it can fill some of the gaps.

A little update

Also you’ll see that little donations bar had it’s target increased to allow for more transaction fees and general costs rising. It will continue to rise slowly! It’s not just donations, lesson sets count too.. and speaking of those…

A little update

Lesson sets are another big change that gave the site a bit of a shuffle. They really are more than worth the money (for the leaders sheets alone) and would be a great gift for a visiting teacher. By using Gumroad you can set the price you are happiest to pay. PLUS if you’ve already donated to the site I’ll send you a code so you can get them free! Not convinced? Have a look at this sample from the upcoming apostles pack!
As JWL grows and develops I’m always happy to hear from those who use the material and try and tailor the site to them. Thanks for joining me on this journey.



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