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Body of Believers (old) – 1 Corinthians 12 | Worksheet

worksheetAworksheetBThere is a teachers version of this Body of Believers sheet with this explanation of how to use the ‘I wonder’ statements, as well as a student version for use in small groups or alone.

I wonder statements are part of the ‘Godly play’ method of teaching. If you’ve not used it before, don’t panic, it’s just a way of having conversation. The statements are usually presented immediately after the story, or at a quiet point. You do not have to think about all the “I wonder” statements but it’s good to use some.

Remember that silence is an appropriate response to an “I wonder” statement and to allow time for children to wonder with you before answering. If you want to use this as a worksheet then use page 2 of this document – Asking the children to answer the questions they feel they can, or discuss it quietly with a partner.

Feel free to wonder out loud with the children, but resist the impulse to give the “right” answers. Children often have a black and white understanding of God, statements like “We are all in conversation with God’s word: sometimes the answer is the conversation.” can be a helpful answer to queries as to why there are no ‘right’ answers.

The PDF of both sheets can be downloaded by clicking HERE.


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