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Mary’s perfume (John 12) | Craft 3

Mary's perfume (John 12)  | Craft 3 Again, remember, there are a few ‘Mary’s Perfume’ linked make posts. The craft you chose will probably probably depend as much on the make-up of your group as the resources you can find.

If you are working with the lesson card then this one ties into the symbol of a crown.

I’ve included some crown designs, but you can easily draw your own. They can be found in pdf form here.

crown craft You will need printouts, scissors, stapler, elastic, sticky tape, and things to decorate – pencils, pens, craft glue, glitter, beads, stamps, stickers, any thing you can find!

Crowns are such fun and easy to make, you can make small ones for dolls, large ones for humans, even giant ones that go round the whole room. The images show some simple designs to get you started. Print or trace onto sturdy card and cut out for younger children in advance.

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Mary’s perfume (John 12) | Character Images


Here are the images you need for the hero’s attributes linked to Mary’s Perfume (John 12).
(English and Serbian)
The images are displayed small here, click on the image you wish to have, then save the image that loads.



Card-English Mary’s perfume (John 12) | Character Images Mary’s perfume (John 12) | Character Images




Card-Serbian Mary’s perfume (John 12) | Character Images Mary’s perfume (John 12) | Character Images




Card-German Mary’s perfume (John 12) | Character Images Mary’s perfume (John 12) | Character Images

Mary’s perfume (John 12) | Craft 2


Remember there are a few crafts for this lesson, and these crafts are a springboard, easily open to modification!

This one is particularly good for older girls, though anyone adept with a pair of scissors will be fine. Alternatively it’s a nice gift to take away and can be made very swiftly by an adult.

You will need good scissors, felt pens, non-fray fabric (such as felt) perfume bottles or scented oils, cotton buds, and paper towels (extra stick on embellishments, and interfacing are optional)

Mary's perfume (John 12) | Craft 2 Giving each youngster a small piece of fabric (if you are using interfacing to stop fraying or just to make it more sturdy iron this on in advance). Ask them to cut a shape that they associate with the story today, jugs, perfume bottles, crowns, crosses, or anything with a solid centre. Add any decorations and then place a slit in the middle to act as a button hole.

Place the shape on a couple of paper towels and start creating it’s perfume. Encourage the youngsters to either chose one scent or mix as few as possible, you don’t want the fabric too wet.

At the end of the lesson slip the fabric shape onto a button on the youngsters outfit, they will carry the scent and story with them for the rest of the day.

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Mary’s perfume (John 12) | Craft 1


You may notice there are a few crafts for this lesson. Remember these crafts are a springboard, they are easily open to modification and all are simple to make. The craft you chose will probably probably depend as much on the make-up of your group as the resources you can find.

This one is simple to resource and doesn’t involve any smelly things, though it’s easy to incorporate them if you wish.

We will be using the full page jug image. It can be found here.

Mary's perfume (John 12) | Craft 1 You will need scissors, pencil, pen, craft glue, coloured plastic bags, printout, extra decorations such as stamps and bath beads (optional).

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Mary’s perfume (John 12) | Worksheet

If you have older children this is a young teen worksheet. It doesn’t tell the story but does use the water puzzle that is referred to in the game section. You will need bibles as it gets the children to look up the three scripture passages. There are some questions that could be used for discussion too!

The PDF can be downloaded by clicking on the images.

Mary’s perfume (John 12) | Story

Mary’s perfume (John 12) | StorySrpskiIf you want the teacher sheet then click HERE

Mary with her perfume is today’s Bible hero because she showed us Wisdom.

Essential Teachers notes:
The story of Mary is an ambiguous one. was this the Mary who would one day be the first to see Jesus after his resurrection or was this another – we don’t know but we do know her actions. The best way to tell this story is by using as few words as possible. This story telling relies on moments of silence as the story is taken in through the various senses.
Main Passage: John 12
Additional passages :Matt. 26, Mark 14, and Luke 7


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Mary’s perfume (John 12) | Games


Smelly games and lots of liquids make this lesson on Mary one worth spending a bit of time on. There are not many lessons that allow us to use so many different sensory textures so do take advantage of the opportunity.


Mary's perfume (John 12) | GamesMary's perfume (John 12) | GamesMary's perfume (John 12) | GamesMary's perfume (John 12) | Games

Smell bags – I love this game, it sounds like a lot of work but really it’s very simple. You need some kind of container, a cloth bag works the best but cardboard boxes with salt shaker holes are just as easy. You then need to find some familiar smells, shampoo’s, perfumes, soap, chopped vegetables, spices, cleaning products, candles, fruit, flavoured crisps, you’ll be amazed at home many you can find even in a sparsely equipped homestead. Either place ‘the smell’ inside the container or onto a tissue inside the container and get the kids to identify the it.

Mary's perfume (John 12) | GamesMary's perfume (John 12) | GamesMary's perfume (John 12) | Games

Bucket logic – this is a simple logic problem great for older kids and repeated on the worksheet. You need a large container of water and two different size containers – but not measuring jugs. You also need either scales or a measuring rod to determine the correct amount. Read the worksheet for more details. Don’t worry about being too exact with the measurements just add the capacity of the two containers together and divide by 2.
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