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Servants of Need (Acts 6) | Games


The games are all either sorting or challenge based. As usual we chose to use the game marked with *, the theme of serving and equipping is brought through by sharing and co-operating.

Find my name – place letters round the room and get the youngsters to spell their name, if you have access to stamp letters this can become more lasting a reminder. Each child can only speak (or stamp) a letter while they are standing on/by it. The first time children can play with their own name. repeat using a leaders name, place the children in advance so the letters go in order. this way child one says letter one, child two letter two, and so on. The leaders name was spelt much more quickly because we all worked together and because we were organised. link this thought back in while teaching.

Balloon hold – take a large pile of balloons and challenge the children to see how many they can hold off the ground. initially children will probably work alone but with gentle encouragement they will realise that they are more effective if they work together.

Restriction – taking scarves, ribbons or other suitable lengths of fabric or cord tie limbs of players together. Place a soft object such as a bear (or a small object that can be picked up with your teeth) on a chair at one side of the room and specify its destination on the other side of the room. Remember that the combination of which limbs and if they are tied behind or at the front of a child can make this game hazardous but challenging for any age group. Talk about how much more effective it is if we use the things God gave us, like hands!

The Great Sort * – this is such a simple illustration. you can use anything but i normally chose to cut out small paper shapes. Similarly to ‘find my name’ the object of the game is to find as many of the specified shape or colour or object in a time limit. Set one team and one individual to race. Obviously the team will either win easily or be so disorganised they lose.




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