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Early Life of Paul – Escapes | Worksheet

Sometimes the fun can seem to lie in the games and the craft and not really in learning about the story. So, I thought I’d introduce a game that can be used to directly prompt questions about the 3 escapes in the story.

This is a simple game where you need a die per board and a pebble per child. (I use pebbles as they can be a prompt for Paul being stoned)

The game can be downloaded by clicking on the image. It’s designed on A3 / A4 paper.

Example questions.
– why is that on the board?
– what do you think the symbol at the end of the game is about?
– why would rain stop a sermon?
– do you think Paul was angry with the people who stoned him?
– who was Paul with during this escape?
– can you remember who became a Christian because of this escape?
– do you think it was important for Paul to go to all these places?
– do you think this was the end of Paul’s journeys….why?
……………….. do make up lots of your own!!!!


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