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Giants Journey | Game

This game was originally designed for the Damascus road lesson but it’s so simple and easy to modify that you could use it almost any time.
Board games can be great, but board games can be boring. younger children especially like to move for their game, and many games rely on asking masses of questions of the children. However board games that make the children the pieces are much more popular. I’ve seen suggestions for painting sheets, made tarpaulins into giant twister variations, even seen inactive floors using screens and/or projectors. they are all fantastic, but also a huge amount of preparation and need storage.
This is a floor size board game, it only has 20 squares, it gets kids to move, there are no set questions, but, there is a place to add silly suggestions, it’s quick to prepare, simple to modify to your needs and it still ties into the teaching – Paul was on a journey, he had challenges to face.

Preparation / Instructions:

Print the PDF on card, some pages need to be multiplied!
find a die or make a spinner (last page of PDF template + skewer)
make sure you have a large flat space, and some time to lay out the game before they arrive
you amy also want sticky tack / velcro hook tape to attach the card securely.

First print the pieces and cut out the shapes. Put a small amount of sticky tack or adhesive Velcro hook tape onto the shapes depending on your flooring. Lay out the pieces, forming a stepping stone pathway. Just like most games you throw the die and move about. All the places have an arrow pointing to the next place so be generous with the spacing. Make sure there is enough room round each piece for extra children to stand. The basic game has 20 squares so will take more than 4 rolls of a standard die, add more squares if you want a longer game.

Giants Journey | Game
there are a few ‘Special places’ in the game…
X2 shapes: land here and you can jump forward or back 2 places according to the arrows
it’s good to place an action shape where they will eventually land, i like to place this piece on the 6th place so anyone who gets the top roll first time is moved back.

Giants Journey | Game
Action shapes when you land here you have to imitate the action position until your next turn. that may be in a stationary position or by hopping or dancing. there is one special action shape….

question mark, here the player can set the action pose but everyone has to copy them….including the adults! OR you can make up your own rule for this shape

Adding more question mark spots is the simplest way to make the game longer. If you want to add questions about the teaching then again add more question marks and use them for questions! If you want to save on paper then just print the action spots, other spaces can be marked with beanbags, hula hoops, blank sheets, chalk marks, or anything you have available.

the PDF can be downloaded using this LINK


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