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Healing of the Paralytic (Luke 5) | Craft 2

This is the house to go with the paralytic’s story, it is little tricky to fold. Those under 10 will have trouble and may choose to cut out the steps rather than folding them. However, once you get the hang of it you can make them very, very quickly. The sign is supposed to say ‘Who can I bring to Jesus’ – the PDF is blank so you can enter the message in the language of your choice.



Print the PDF – there are 2 options, one outline only.
Cut out the shapes, every red line is a cut, every dotted line is a fold.
I used a craft knife to pre-cut the inside lines for the youngsters.
Start folding with the house steps. Fold each step on the side of the house by pinching the line, this is the hardest part, and you may find you need to adjust a few times before they sit happily. (If it all goes wrong you can cut out the steps entirely and use small strips of separate paper.)

Once you have the steps it’s simply a fold and glue task to complete the outside of the house – don’t forget to fold open the roof.
Next glue the crowd in the house, they should line up with the floor and need to go at the back of the house. (this is easier to do upside-down!)
Take the two long straps and feed them through the holes on the sign.
They then need to be put through the hole in the house and glued to the roof.
You may find it easier to fold the straps slightly to help the glue set.

Extra decoration, such as extra windows, are easy to add if you have a particularly artistic youngster.

Click image for PDF.


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