Jacob’s Rachel and Leah (Genesis 29) | Craft 1


This simple Jacob, Rachel and Leah origami craft is a lovely puzzle to play with when made. It has 3 images to reveal – the mystery bride and the two sisters. When the veil is over the top there really is no way to tell who is under there.
This is quite a long post as I’ve shown every single, little, step but it’s a really easy craft to do.


To make this craft you will need a pair of scissors and the PDF printout. You will also need the ability to fold a piece of paper into halves and quarters with at least some degree of accuracy.

For printing in Colour or greyscale PDF – 1 page


Start by cutting out the large square.


Fold the square in half diagonally, corner to corner to make a big triangle. Open up and repeat folding the other way – we need to do this (ink on the inside, ink on the outside) with every fold.


Open out again and fold each corner into the middle, the folds should create more little triangles. Remember to repeat folding the other way.



Lets repeat the process with rectangles. Fold the fully opened square in half down the middle to form a rectangle. Rotate and repeat so the lines cross in the middle.



Open out again and fold one edge into the middle to form a long thin rectangle, rotate and repeat for all 4 edges.



Now comes the tricky bit. Each flat side needs to be folded into the center. Start by folding one side the opening up the corner to the mid point



fold the next side flattening the corner into a point as you go. Repeat on the remaining 2 sides.



When all four sides are done it will leave you with what looks like a pinwheel.



Open out each corner and flatten it down.



The image of the mystery bride should appear as the corners come together.
Discover the other pictures as you play with the folds.




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