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Matthew (Matthew 9) | Worksheet

This is a worksheet for older children, I’d recommend not trying to do it with those under the age of 7. There is a mathematical problem, a personal testimony and some passages to look up. It’s quite a heavy worksheet when done alone but would work well in pairs or small groups.

To complete this worksheet the children need need pens or pencils and bibles… they may also appreciate some scrap paper.

The PDF can be downloaded by clicking on the images.

Matthew (Matthew 9) | WorksheetMatthew (Matthew 9) | WorksheetFor younger children I’d recommend a simple exercise called ‘still Jesus loves him’. You need one actor to play Matthew. Tell the children that whatever the actor says they must reply ‘still Jesus Loves Matthew’. Using the graphic as inspiration start to try and convince the children that Matthew is too bad for Jesus, stopping every few seconds to ask what they think. At the end of the discussion time say the exercise is over and remind them that whatever they do Jesus will still want to be their friend and welcome them to follow him. Click on the image for higher quality.


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