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I’ve added a bible hero to the healing of the Paralytic (Luke 5) lesson, the existing posts for this series have been updated already and his hero resources post is written and on it’s way. I’m also working at the ‘Peter walking on water’ lesson which is part done and has 2 lovely paper boat templates. You’ll have to wait for the full lesson to be posted but the first parts are scheduled for next week.

I’ve also got most of a lesson on Mary and Martha still waiting to go up, it just needs a Martha hero. There are a few hero’s peering round the curtain waiting for the lesson to be made, Anna the prophet, Lydia from Acts 16, and a character who may become the the great writer and doctor Luke though he remains un-named for now.

We now have Serbian translation for the story of Paul’s escapes and Zacchaeus, with John the Baptist and Mary’s perfume both translated and waiting to be added to site. Do you know someone who would benefit from another language, do let me know!

Finally the ‘craft by image’ page is going to be added on the main menu, hopefully before the month is out.

On the end of my to-do list is the flash animations, they will go up slowly, my aim is to have full lessons, always giving the teacher extras.

I’m writing at least a week in advance and posting bi-daily right now, but as is always the case when in full flow something else comes along, and when God gives one a way of paying bills one must take it.



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