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Moses life is a great saga and this moment is the moment where the past present and future meet. Very few people experience a burning bush or Damascus road moment. However clear the message Moses isn’t a willing participant and some of these games take inspiration from that, others are more concrete in their link to the passage.


Let it not burn – The aim of this game is to build flames to engulf the shrub. In preparation you’ll need to cut enough flames for the challenge to be completed out of paper, tissue or crepe paper would also work well. If you are blessed to have a hardy real plant use it, if not then a pile of twigs or a photograph of a bush would work. Have your group, or groups race against the clock to cover the shrub with flames. For older groups make it a relay race.


Fire dance – Give each child a streamer or short ribbon (fire colours are great if possible). Pop some instrumental music on and have them dance swirling their props like flames. once they get the hang of it start to control the fire by giving instructions – the flames are little and low, getting bigger, getting smaller, tall and thin etc. You could add the command ‘a bucket of water’ to have the kids collapse on the floor as the flames go out.


You know already? – Do you start your session with a game? If so why not try a riddle instead, the classic “If I drink, I die. If i eat, I am fine. What am I?” (answer fire) or the slightly easier “which man can never enjoy a blazing fire” (answer – snowman). Talk about how God had already equipped Moses with the knowledge he needed even if Moses doubted.


Anywhere but… – Moses wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea or returning to Egypt. This game plays on that idea. Split the kids into teams and challenge them to come up with the best ending to the sentences below… or make up your own.

I love to eat anywhere but….
I want to go anywhere but…
Wearing goggles is great anywhere but…
I want to paint anywhere but…
I’d help clean anywhere but…
I enjoy climbing anywhere but…
I’d dance with you anywhere but…
Hear me shout anywhere but…


Obstacle course – Yet again this story lends itself to an obstacle course, traverse the river, cross the desert, round up the sheep and find the burning bush.





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