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Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter | Craft 2

Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter  | Craft 2
Linking in with the story I wanted the children to have something to take home to use with eggs. This is probably the simplest egg holder ever!

The template (PDF LINK) for the shape to fold is designed for an 42 sheet. We used the colouring pictures from ‘my little house’ to print on the back but in heindsight they were a little too involved and most of the kids didn’t get round to folding the egg holder itself. Sadly it’s the only pictures I got of them.

I’ve only given you the instruction side so you can chose which image to print on the back, it could just be a pattern.

To make the holder :
Cut out the circles and stick them on the relevant number to tell the story.
Fold the solid black lines so you have a box with the black lines on the INSIDE
Put glue along the side with the glue image.
Overlap the base of the box and allow the glue to stick.

NB: Printing on paper will hold plastic and hollow eggs, printing on card will hold small real eggs.


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