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Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter | Games


While some churches have kids groups on each of these separate days, many only have one to do the whole story opting to keep the children in the service, or perhaps not even having a service on the topic. For that reason I’ve grouped the material. Hopefully you can find enough resources if you need to stretch to 2, or even 3 sessions. Here are some simple ideas for game and activities. (We used.*)

Hunt* – Probably the most popular Easter game ever. you can hide eggs as tradition suggests or any other set of objects. Even in a small room you can hide stickers. We hid 12 to be significant and because we had little time, but you can be as creative as you wish. just make sure there is a clear end – count the hidden things or give a time limit.

Impossible Bridges – a game for the older children. Place two chairs a set distance apart and get them to build a bride out of junk – rolled up newspaper works well. Make it harder and harder and then link back to the teaching saying that Jesus’s cross bridged the impossible gap between us and heaven.

Hide and Seek – hiding games can link back nicely into Mary looking in the tomb and the crowds on the streets looking for a saviour. This game really only works if you have a big space and a good amount of time or perhaps a whistle to signify the end of the game. give the children the option to hide or help seek, multiple seekers will speed up the game.

Obstacle Race – I suggest this a lot as it’s so easy to adapt to the story. Talk about why you have used the obstacles you have, perhaps coats from the road to go under, or put back on, round the trees in the garden, through the crowds in the street… be creative and it will usually pay off.

Speed Jigsaw – where the title may sound dull this is a good game for limited space and resources. Cut up a relevant picture into a suitable amount of pieces for your age group, put all the bits in a bag and start your countdown. Giving them no picture to work from means they discover the teaching topic as the picture is revealed. I would strongly suggest you test with a friend to check you have not made it too difficult before giving it to the youngsters.




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