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Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter | Story


This is a twist on Resurrection eggs you can buy or make for yourself. This version only has 5 eggs so the story isn’t too long and it also isn’t reuseable like the resurrection eggs.

Simply put : real eggs are emptied and then filled with clues to the Easter story. A forgetful storyteller needs prompting so they take the relevent egg and smash it. Rather than create a huge sticky mess the egg reveals the element for the next part of the story. Youngsters will initally be surprised and then will try to guess what is coming next. They are left with 5 elements that tell the whole story.

The text is below and then comes advice for preparing the eggs.

Jesus had arrived in Jerusalem, the whole city seemed to be excited he was here. “We think he’s the one God sent
to save us” they kept saying. But not everyone was excited. The Priests and the religious leaders were scared, “He thinks he’s God’s son” they whispered to each other,“he’s saying some of the things we do are wrong” others whispered, “we’ve got to stop him talking to the people”whispered another. They were scared what Jesus would do in Jerusalem. Jesus knew what would happen in Jerusalem, the priests would try to kill him.

What happens next –what are these eggs, perhaps one will give us a clue… BREAD

There was a big festival in Jerusalem, people were gathering to visit the temple and share a big meal with their family. Jesus and his followers found a room in a house they could use for their meal. Jesus took the bread and thanked God for it, like he always did. But then he did something new. He told his disciples that this bread was (like) his body, that he was going to die and he would die for them. That they should remember him by eating bread and drinking wine, because this was the last meal he would share with them before he died.

What happens next –lets see what’s inside the egg, perhaps it will give us a clue… COINS

Jesus told the disciples that one of them would betray him. Judas knew that it was him. He had spoken to the religious leaders and they had promised him 30 silver coins if he betrayed Jesus. Jesus looked at him and told him to go. After the meal the disciples went for a walk in a garden nearby. Everyone was very upset. While they were there some soldiers came with Judas. Judas walked up to Jesus and gave him a kiss on the cheek so the soldiers knew which man to take. The disciples were scared and they ran away.

What happens next –lets see what’s inside the egg, perhaps it will give us a clue… SOAP

Jesus was put on trial, the religious leaders wanted to kill Jesus but needed permission from a man named Pilate. Pilate couldn’t find any reason to kill Jesus but he was scared of the big crowd that the religious leaders had paid to shout. So he said they could kill him, but first he took a bowl of water and some soap and washed his hands, this was a sign to say that he was not responsible because it was not his decision.

What happens next –lets see what’s inside the egg, perhaps it will give us a clue… NAILS

Jesus was lead through the crowds up to a hill just outside the city. There they put up a large wooden cross and nailed Jesus hands and feet to it. Jesus’ mother was there, and some of his friends, and he spoke to them. After 3 hours he said, “Father forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing” and then he bowed his head and died. They took Jesus’ body off the cross and put it in a tomb. They put a big rock to block the entrance and left two guards outside. It was almost dark so the women who wanted to clean the body and make it smell nice said they would come back on Sunday.

The story hasn’t ended, we have one egg left…What happens next… perhaps you know… EMPTY

All night Friday, all day Saturday and until the sun came up on Sunday morning Jesus’ body lay alone in the tomb. On Sunday the women came back. They had cloths and oils for Jesus’ body but nobody to move the big stone so they could get into the tomb. When they got near they noticed the guards had gone, but so had the stone. The tomb was empty, just like the last egg. The women were upset, they went to find the disciples but Mary stayed nearby crying. “what’s wrong” a voice asked her. “Someone has taken the body of my Lord” said Mary without looking up. “Mary” said the voice, she knew that voice, Mary looked up and saw Jesus standing before her.

(optional extra ending)

Jesus was alive, he really was God’s son, and he had died even though he had done nothing wrong, He had died to take the blame for everything we have done wrong, all the sin of mankind. The sin had separated us from God and Jesus had cleared the way so we could be with God and to know him as our friend.

Instructions for preparation

Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter | Story
Take 5 eggs, large ones are helpful and slightly easier for filling.

With a long blade (I used a craft knife) gently cut the ends off the eggs. This is actually quite easy but the key is to do it SLOWLY, using a saw motion.

Empty the filling into a bowl, if you are lucky you won’t have made too much of a mess and you won’t have broken the yoke!

Wash the eggs out and if you plan on letting the kids eat the bread OR if you are not using them the same day then they should be sterilised by boiling for 2 hours in a pan of water.

Fill the eggs with the 4 fillings (BREAD, COINS, SOAP, NAILS -wrap if very sharp).

Take 5 paper cup-cases and write a number of the bottom of each. Add a little craft clue to the edges and place egg inside. Hold lightly to make sure it is stuck.


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