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Gabriel’s Messages – Mary


Follow the angel Gabriel as he meets Mary. Help him decode the messages he needs to share though a cryptic craft, make a classic craft about the encounter, build a road that will track your journey, and discover a new printable game.

This is the second of a four part Advent series that can also be a stand-alone lesson

Everything you need for a lesson tailored to your kids. Beautifully presented, clear and easy to follow or adapt.

Lectionary week Year A — Advent 2

Lesson contains:
☛ Single sheet leaders notes condensed to save paper and ink.
   ✏ A telling of the story.
   ✏ A printable game
   ✏ 2 other game suggestions
   ✏ Idea’s on how to use your road pieces.
   ✏ A decoding craft
   ✏ A traditional craft focused on the story
   ✏ A memory verse.
   ✏ A prayer.
   ✏ A quick glance guide to the other pages.

☛ Two full colour printable craft templates.
   ✏ Visual guide to materials you need to gather.
   ✏ Instructions printed on the same page.
   ✏ A photograph of the craft.

☛ Colouring page for the lesson.

☛ Family Study Page
   ✏ Preschool, kids and teen discussions.
   ✏ Prayer card.
   ✏ full bible passage written out.

☛ A family colouring page.

☛ Additional files with craft templates in black and white.

The main pack is 13 pages including covers.
Both A4 and US letter sizes.

© Kate Milosevic: Jesus Without Language. All contents including artwork is original. All rights reserved.



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