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Healing of the Paralytic (Luke 5:17-26) | Games


For many young children the notion of not being able to move, to be a paralytic, may be one they have never really considered. The games then reflect this thinking. The activity we chose to use is marked with a *

Obstacle course this is simple if the area is big and the resources many, you can make it an individual or a team activity dependant on the numbers of children. Make sure the objective is clearly stated and having a winner does not build a group as much as helping everyone to achieve the goal of completion.

Restriction* taking scarves, ribbons or other suitable lengths of fabric or cord tie limbs of players together. Place a soft object such as a bear on one side on a chair at one side of the room and specify its destination on the other side of the room. Remember that the combination of which limbs and if they are tied behind or at the front of a child can make this game hazardous but challenging for any age group. note: you don’t need much space to do this activity.

Pass the parcel this may seem like a stretch but the idea of unwrapping to find treasure and carrying an object by the use of many hands both tie into the story well.

Parachute Games :

Spin : this has to be my personal favourite. If you are blessed to have a parachute then you can literally place a child inside, each grab an edge and lift them. Follow by getting the child to sit in the centre hugging their knees, and with their head bowed. All the other children grab the edges of the parachute FIRMLY, then take one large step in, and three large steps to the left. On your call the children must all take two steps backwards while pulling FIRMLY. The child in the middle will spin round, arms and legs often flying.
(warning do not try this with a large child in a small parachute, the fabric can cause neck burns if wound near the neck, make sure you have adequate space and enough strength to lift the child first)

Scramble : Cut up a sheet of coloured paper, or you can use beanbags to make it easier – one colour per team. The participating child or children should lay on the floor under the rised parachute. The team members then hold the parachute about 1 meter off the floor. The beanbags or paper are placed on the parachute. The aim is to get your colour paper or beanbag through the central hole and to the person waiting below. If you have no hole in your parachute this also works with paper placed on the floor, as long as the people holding the parachute don’t stop moving.




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