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The least of these (Matthew 25:31-46) | Worksheet

The story gives us a lot of tasks that we need to fulfil. This activity is about completing the picture. The worksheet is made from a variety of images that are not complete. the empty glass, the separated friends, they all represent sentences in Jesus’ teaching. The worksheet could be used with pencils and pens alone, but is designed to be cut into its component parts then reformed back into a heart shape. We show Jesus’ love as we complete the tasks in real life. As always remember to discuss what you are doing and why.

I did not supply a heart sheet, mostly to cut down on printing, we let the children draw it themselves, or drew it for the younger ones. The page shows an example of a competed heart at the side.


Credit to World Vision scrapbook kit by Unforgettable moments.

The least of these (Matthew 25:31-46) | Worksheet


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