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The least of these (Matthew 25) | Craft 1


The obvious craft for this passage is to make sheep. The cotton wool blobs stuck on paper is always a easy solution but being more adventurous is often more memorable.

Sheep bags are a fun way of making a toy that can be used again and again. Admittedly they take some work but not too much and it’s worth it for the result. You’ll see the kids make up multiple games on the spot and it’s something they can keep.

Using felt tip pens on cotton really works, and what’s great is that if you wash them then the colour comes out. Be careful what you use for stuffing if you are hoping to put them in the washing machine, though. Mine were made with fabric scraps.
The least of these (Matthew 25) | Craft 1
The least of these (Matthew 25) | Craft 1 You will need scissors, sewing machine, thread, fabric, fabric scraps or stuffing, pencil, pen (optional).
Taking an old sheet or any plain fabric scraps. make two equal squares of fabric per bag.I used roughly 10cm squares
The least of these (Matthew 25) | Craft 1 Hem one side of your fabric squares. This will form the opening for stuffing.
If you are making a lot then working on a large sheet of fabric with a grid can save time. Just remember to hem the openings first.
The least of these (Matthew 25) | Craft 1 Trace the clip art picture onto one square of fabric, with the hem facing away from you. This image is clip-art from
The least of these (Matthew 25) | Craft 1 Place two squares together, with the right side facing inwards.
Sew around the three sides, leaving the hemmed side un-sewn.
(The pin is at the edge of the design so I don’t trap it!)
If you have older children you can give them the craft at this stage, or you could leave them here as hand puppets
The least of these (Matthew 25) | Craft 1 Turn the bag the right way round and stuff loosely. Pin with enough room to get under the foot of the machine.
The least of these (Matthew 25) | Craft 1 Following the hem line sew the bag shut. Remember to back-stitch or button stitch the ends.
Older children who can use needle and thread but super-glue is effective too, though needs equal supervision.
Sewing around all four sides of the beanbag will make it stronger if you are stuffing with beads.
The least of these (Matthew 25) | Craft 1 Get out the felt tips and be creative! As this is going in the wash a permanent marker to outline is necessary.

You can use pattern material for the back, get the kids to draw goats on the back or just decorate them with their names.


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