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John the Baptist (Matthew 3) | Make 2


This is a more traditional craft for John the Baptist, it gives the wonderful illusion of water by using baking parchment to give the semi transparent quality of the river. It’s a really simple craft for any age and there are templates with and without the words showing for groups using different translations. John the Baptist (Matthew 3) | Make 2

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Young Jesus (Luke 2) | Play


The account of Young Jesus in the temple is a well loved account of youthful contribution, but when it comes to games and activities a question and answer session may not grab the kids attention so much – here are a few activities that may let them get the wiggles out a bit more effectively.


Young Jesus (Luke 2) | PlayYoung Jesus (Luke 2) | PlayYoung Jesus (Luke 2) | PlayYoung Jesus (Luke 2) | PlayYoung Jesus (Luke 2) | Play

Finding Jesus – A ‘hide the thimble’ alternative. Using the hero’s post, print a small picture of the Jesus graphic and hide it in the room. Variants – play as rounds where Jesus is re-hidden, or you can print multiple copies and have each child find one. Link to Mary and Joseph searching the city.

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Young Jesus (Luke 2) | Make 1


There is a real ‘potential’ focus within the Young Jesus story and this craft ties into the idea that this child is developing into the man who will one day fully claim the title of Christ. Young Jesus (Luke 2) | Make 1

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Young Jesus (Luke 2) | Direct

Moses worksheet
This worksheet about young Jesus if full and busy. It looks at how this little insight into the child Jesus is an indication of what is to come. The worksheet used a mixture of pondering and examining to look at the implications of the passage. It has a little for everyone – moments of reflection, looking at the number 3 across scripture and the parental viewpoint. This worksheet is best for small groups work or independent time.

To complete the worksheet you will need something to to write with and to turn your thinking caps on! You may also choose to use some coloured pens or pencils and a bible or children’s story bible may be helpful.

The PDF can can be downloaded by clicking on the image.

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Young Jesus (Luke 2) | Heroes

Here are the images you need for the hero’s attributes linked to Young Jesus (Luke 2).
The images are displayed small here, click on the image you wish to have, then save the image that loads.









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