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Zacchaeus (Luke 19) | Worksheet


Zacchaeus (Luke 19) | WorksheetThis could be used as a discussion starter, a game, a craft or a worksheet. Jesus helped Zacchaeus to see the word differently, and that’s what this activity is all about. It’s diversity of uses means I could have placed it in many sections but as there is no worksheet I’ve placed it here in ‘Direct’.

You will need:

transparent red plastic
glasses pattern
thin ribbon, elastic or string
printout of tree
craft glue
double sided tape or a stapler.

Red transparent plastic is not difficult to source, but may take a specialised trip. I found the best thing to use can be found in stationary shops as protective covers for binding documents, they are reasonably priced and sturdy for cutting. Alternativly, try sheets or a roll used for wrapping food goods, wrapping for presents, and individual chocolate wrappers. The thing to be mindful of is that they are transparent and not Translucent or you won’t be able to see through the glasses.

This is a colour exclusion exercise. Jesus didn’t make the world round Zacchaeus change, nor did he heal him of his bad vision, rather he made him see that different things matter. The glasses will dull all red objects and make green objects stand out more. The image of the tree is covered in red, pink, and orange pictures, but with the glasses on only the green objects will stand out.

To make the glasses cut out the frames from thin card, and attach to the lenses with craft glue. As I worked on A4 sheets of red plastic I then had to cut the frames out again, but you may only have to trim. Then cut two lengths of ribbon or cord, or one piece of elastic and attach it to the edges of the glasses with double sided tape or equivalent.

Show them the image of a tree first, they may spot some of the hidden items, most children will see the green items easier than the red ones even at this stage, don’t worry if that happens.

– If this is a game try asking them to find specific items. You could give one team glasses and the others not, or repeat the game with glasses.

– If you are having a discussion talk about how we don’t always see what matteres then hand out the ready made glasses, talk about how God changes our perspective.

– If this is a craft activity stick up the image on the wall as far away from the craft table as possible and get the kids to make their glasses and when wearing them to look at the picture again.

– If this is instead of a worksheet then combine all three, make a single pair of demonstration glasses and perhaps give out red and green pencils and challenge the kids to hide messages for each other.

The PDF of the tree image and glasses pattern can be downloaded by clicking HERE.


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