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The JWL Project
Ever tried writing for a translator?
On an old computer I started a file called ‘Jesus without language’ trying to do just that… soon this site was born.
God takes our weaknesses and makes them his strengths.

These pick and mix type lessons let you build your own teaching session.
Search by resource type using the icons at the top, or go straight for the full lessons and latest additions on the right!

Is it really free?

KateThe short answer is no. I don’t want to limit access to churches with no budget. If you are blessed with finances please join the supporters.

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How do I get the material?

deaconSome material is as seen online, but much is downloadable. Downloads are as image files or PDF files. Links to pdf’s have an expanding box that includes the download button.

Ideas for using the hero images


Where does the material comes from?

KateArtwork and material is all specially written for JWL unless otherwise’s maintained, and worked out by the creator, Kate, with a few technical pointers and inspirations from loved ones.

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Full lessons or lesson sets?

deaconFull lessons show everything on the site… however if you want slick leaders notes, extra’s for tinies, and multiple linked lessons try out the lesson sets.

Lesson Sets

Who is it for?

The material is suitable for a whole range of children’s groups, it’s designed to be tailored to fit your time frame and children’s ability.

How do I turn this into a teaching session?

Each session has many sections, there is no set order and you can skip sections you don’t feel you need. Start by reading the bible passage and the hero card, then select what part of the lesson you would feel comfortable teaching and your children would find helpful to learn from.

Each session is designed to highlight a hero we find in the bible, each hero is assigned a gift, something that develops their character and helps them learn more about God. At the end of each lesson there is a hero card for the children to take home, this card sums up the key points about each character and can be collected to form a set.

What do the symbols mean?

Lesson Symbols

There is also a prep section shown at the top, these are resources for teachers not kids!

How this Site Works
a game or physical activity.

How this Site Works
a way of sharing the bible message

How this Site Works
crafts with instructions & templates.

How this Site Works
a discussion starter or worksheet.

How this Site Works
summery card, image & colouring sheets

Play Post Symbols

Group Clock Child Teen
Group required Preparation Younger / older child
activity for a group of children, if you only have one or two you may struggle activity will need some preparation time in advance of the children arriving age appropriate – children under 6 (blue), older children and teens (red)
Chair Space Noisy
Limited space Large space May be noisy
activity will work in a small space or can be done seated. activity for a large space, if you can’t move about in your space you may struggle activity will probably result in quite a bit of noise and may not be suitable for open plan areas


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