Jesus Without Language

Kid's Ministry & Sunday School Resources

Jesus without language exists because of the need for high-quality original kid-min material
with great graphical content that can be easily modified and translated.

There is no ‘right way’ to teach Jesus Without Language Material.

Your kids, your order, your additions, and omissions.

All the resources are split into sections by type


An immersive retelling of the scripture passage to either read or use as inspiration.


A selection of games linked to the ideas presented in the passage.


A craft suggestion that includes PDF templates, materials lists, and step-by-step photo instructions.


High-quality graphic with the lessons’ bible character alongside a collectable card and colouring pages.

Multiple options allow teachers to customize their lessons
without compromising on quality, flow or churchman-ship.

Build the lesson you will feel comfortable teaching


Is it really free?

KateThe short answer is no. I would rather not limit access to churches with no budget. If you are blessed with finances, please join the supporters.

How do I get the material?

deaconSome material has downloadable parts – usually as image files or PDF files. Links to pdf’s have an expanding box that includes the download button.

Where does the material come from?

KateThis is original material, artwork and ideas, all specially written for this site unless otherwise stated. It’s maintained, and worked out by the creator, Kate, with a few technical pointers and inspirations from loved ones. Learn more about Kate

What do we pay for?

deaconThe paid material has beautiful single page leaders notes and 2 crafts per lesson, among other things. It’s designed to be perfect for teachers who want an out-of-the-box solution. Shop link


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