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10 years of JWL – Day 9

10 years of JWL

It’s been 10 years and I’ve loved being able to resource teachers across the globe though Jesus without language.

To celebrate I’ve made up a pack of teacher resources and I’ve been releasing part by part. This compliments that.

The calendar 2022

I’ve released calendar pages before but never a whole year in one go! This is just that – 12 pages of full colour, bold design, bible hero littered months. Each has a bigger space for Sunday (because we are churches and need that) as well as a small space for people to add details on the side. There is also a gem of a 13th page that shows just Sundays – I’ve wanted one of these for a wile and I’m finding it so useful for planning.

Click on the picture for a link to the shop where you can grab the PDF for free.

10 years of JWL day 9 link


Find all the parts of the special event so far by clicking on the image below.
all the parts



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