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    Recommendations & Reviews : I don’t do reviews on JWL. I’m happy to promote other peoples site or material on my social media, I do expect the same in return. I don’t have a links page on either site. I do not use affiliates on this site, but may do on social media.

    Copyright : If you wish to feature my material in print please including the URL of the post you wish to feature. If the run is bigger than 500 copies then please contact me. Material ideas can be shared on-line if it is clearly credited and links back to the original source. NO JWL files or templates can be shared online. You can NOT use JWL material for products you are going to sell. For more details click on the creativecommons link at the bottom of the page.

    Features and Guest Posts : I’m happy to guest post as contributor or host. If you wish to contribute to you must specify one or more existing heroes the activity could be linked to. I accept guest posts for any of the categories excluding the Character resources page.

    Errors : Apologies, I’m totally fallible. I will always try and fix errors asap. To help please e-mail me including the URL of the post you are having issues with.


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