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2 or 3 are gathered (Matthew 18) | Games


2 or 3 are gathered (Matthew 18)-Play


This passage isn’t an easy one and there are two main themes that show themselves in the suggested games here. one is the idea of corporate prayer, the other conflict resolution. Choose the game that emphasises the part of the passage you want to focus on.




Order – Print the game page by clicking on the picture. We order things to help us understand the world and how to act. In this game you are given 5 random images and told to order them. How you order them is entirely up to you and no answer is wrong but you must give a reason why. Are they in value order? age order? does the order tell a story? Etc. Link to the blueprint conflict resolution part of this passage.

I can… we can… – Repeat the following statement changing the parameters “I can reach this high/far, together we can reach this high/far.” I can lift this much, together we can lift this much” etc. by working with others we achieve much more, praying with others we are joined by Jesus.

Cuck-oo, moo moo – One person shouts out the first half of an animal sound and the next person needs to respond with the other half. eg. person 1 says, “twit” and the next says “twoo”. Dependent on your setup this can work over screens, directed across rooms, or going round a circle. which sounds work along, which need a partner?


Prayer chain Jesus – sit the children in a circle and say we are going to be passing around the word ‘Jesus’ one letter at a time. Have the first person throw a letter J, you can do this with a ball or just by imitating the action, the receiver throws the letter E until you reach the last S and start again. Link to the idea that we find Jesus not alone but gathered, even if only 2 people were throwing the letters they would still find Jesus.

Who ate the cookie from the cookie jar – if you have very small children sing a round of this song. Talk about how it can be hard to admit our mistakes and how others can accuse us. Link to Jesus talking about conflict




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