Although my theological history and sending organisation is Anglican, I embrace any church that can honestly say all of the major creedal statements (Biblical, Apostles & Nicene), as brothers in Christ. I celebrate the unity rather than pick at the division, and hold high the command that we should love one another and by this all men shall know that we are his disciples.



Hi, My Name is Kate

I’m a missionary living in Serbia, a wife and a mother, but most of all a child of the divine.

I decided to write my own material when I started looking for things to translate for a local Serbian church, it felt like a battle to find what I needed, especially as I had no budget. My Serbian is very limited but that wouldn’t stop me sharing Jesus’ message – hence the site name.

Kate The site is my baby, with inspiration and technical help from friends and family, and some great people who translate. I write and draw everything from scratch.

I provide the resources onsite freely, because I know there are those that need that. My dream was always to be crowd funded and I ask for donations when items are downloaded for this purpose.

Many people dip into the JWL resources but others would like full material – it’s for them that I sell my lessons as packs. Full packs are polished and packaged in a more classroom friendly format.



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