Advent | Craft Part 3


This year for advent we are trying to strip away the glitter and look past the tree lights. Advent was traditionally a time of penitence and fasting, a sober time when we travelled through the long journey that lead upto Jesus’ birth. One of the reminders of that original meaning we have left is our Advent wreaths.

Advent wreaths are made of 5 candles placed in a ring, the central candle always stands for Jesus and is usually white, while the others are sometimes coloured. The four surrounding candles are said to represent either hope, peace, love and joy OR characters that prepared the way for Jesus – patriarch’s, prophets, John the Baptist and Mother Mary. Each Advent Sunday a new candle is lit as we journey towards the Christ child’s arrival.


This third week will build onto the first weeks wreath, and week 2’s addition. – first part link, second part link.

This is a one page printout, it includes the travel card that leads upto week 3 as well as the latest candle graphic, flame and card. Again you’ll also scissors and paper glue. I’d recommend printing onto thicker paper.

For printing in Colour PDF – 1 page


If you are using the journey to week 3 card then the circles are a suitable size to be cut and placed on your advent wreath.


Roughly cut round the two candles with John the Baptist then glue the two pieces back to back leaving the lower half of the stand without glue. Cut carefully round the candle and stand then open the end of the stand like a split pin.


There are 2 options for the candle flame: either leave the flame attached or snip it off and make a slit for the third flame.


Glue your third candle into place and read out the accompanying card.

Part 4 – Mary, mother of Jesus, next week!




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