Anna (Luke 2) | Craft 2


As part of this years update Anna is getting a new craft to go with the various labyrinths. If you want something paper based then why not make this little stand up character, complete with a baby Jesus.


This craft comes with a lot of customisation. There are three templates to choose from. The first is line art for the children to colour in. The second has a little bit of colour on the faces and arms, with an accompanying page full of clothes do they can dress Anna and the baby before they put it together. The last option does all the hard work for you and gives you the whole template in colour – great if you are pushed for time. Download 4 page PDF template


Once you have your template you’ll also need some scissors and a glue stick.

Colour, clothe or just cut our your pieces to start with. I’ve used the pre coloured one here to make it simple.


Don’t forget to stick or colour the ends of the arms on the wrong side.


Using the dotted lines as a guide fold the two arms over so they can hold the baby.


To make the stand cut out the long rectangle. Fold one thin end into the middle, crease and then fold the same end piece back to the start again. The dotted lines are there to help you. Repeat with the other side.


We are forming a triangle stand with a crease in the base. do this by gluing the two double folded pieces together. The thicker slightly heavier side will give it a little more stability.


Glue the Anna character to the front of the base, there is no exact position.


Take the name piece and fold along the dotted lines to form hooks. Add a little glue and stick onto the edges of Anna’s dress.


Finally add the baby, you may want to add a little glue to Anna’s hands to secure him in place.




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