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Bartimaeus (Mark 10) | Worksheet

This Bartimaeus worksheet looks at the idea of our senses and the way that Bartimaeus abandoned his cloak. The worksheet is best completed in small groups so the questions can be discussed. This worksheet is designed for independent readers, though it would be suitable for younger children with teacher support.

To complete the worksheet you will need something to write and draw with.

The PDF can can be downloaded by clicking on the image.



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  1. Hi! My name is Andrea, I live in Argentina (South America) and
    I´ve been a christian for many years. I´m incharge of the Children Ministry at my church. I´m looking at your wonderful page and I notice you don´t have materials translated into Spanish and I was wondering if you´d like to. I´m an English teacher and I´d love to help you translate this material ( and all materials you´d like to share)-
    Please let me know if you are interested. This is totally free, it´s just to help you reach out more christians around the world.
    God bless you!

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