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Bread of Life (Matthew 14) | Craft 1


This bread of life craft is all about piecing together the parts and while the final product may look simple it’s easy to get it muddled. You can make it more sturdy by backing it onto thicker card though it works well just with paper too. Bread of Life (Matthew 14)  | Craft 1


Bread of Life (Matthew 14)  | Craft 1 To make this craft you will need the printout and a pair of scissors. Glue and cardboard re both optional. there’s no black and white option as the lines would confuse the design, so if you can’t print in colour use grey-scale.

For printing in Colour or grey-scale PDF – 1 page


Bread of Life (Matthew 14)  | Craft 1 If you are backing onto card start by roughly cutting out the pieces and attaching them onto your card


Bread of Life (Matthew 14)  | Craft 1 Carefully cut each slice of bread and the background.
If your kids are over 10 challenge them to try without the background piece.


Bread of Life (Matthew 14)  | Craft 1 Line up your pieces to make the hidden message using the background piece as a guide
This may take a few tries even if you know what it’s going to say.



Bread of Life (Matthew 14)  | Craft 1 If you don’t want to leave it as a puzzle then glue the pieces together.
The top version is backed onto card, the lower version is on paper!



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