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Servants of Need (Acts 6) | Character Images

Here are the images you need for the hero’s attributes linked to Servants of Need (Acts 6).
The images are displayed small here, right click and select save – you will then have larger images.





I have named the Deacon Nicanor, the name is picked at random and I would be happy to change it to any of the other deacons if you have issues with that name.

Servants of Need (Acts 6) | Worksheet

Servants of Need (Acts 6) | Worksheet
As always, there is no replacement for getting the older kids to read the text. This worksheet is more of a discussion sheet, but you can get the kids to fill in the two lists.
It is designed for an A5 sheet, so while it can be printed on A4, you can print 2 on a page if you are short on resources.
To download the PDF click HERE

Servants of Need (Acts 6) | Craft

This craft comes in two parts. you can chose to use both, or just one of them dependant on your time.

Servants of Need (Acts 6) | Craft
The passage talks about the apostles serving food, it’s an process even the youngest child can help with. This craft makes a tray for serving, a craft short on time and resources. The tray is then filled with food made from sculpting dough, this part of the craft is slightly time intensive to set up and for the youngsters to complete. If you have very young children you can make the trays and just let them use the dough

Part 1 – serving tray.

The best way to make a serving tray is with sturdy material. While printing on card will do, it won’t last long. Laminating the cut out tray will make it more durable or using plastic coated card from packaging will work too. If you have the financial oppertunity you can buy small plastic trays and affix an image to them using craft glue.
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Servants of Need (Acts 6) | Games


The games are all either sorting or challenge based. As usual we chose to use the game marked with *, the theme of serving and equipping is brought through by sharing and co-operating.

Servants of Need (Acts 6) | GamesServants of Need (Acts 6) | GamesServants of Need (Acts 6) | GamesServants of Need (Acts 6) | GamesServants of Need (Acts 6) | Games

Find my name – place letters round the room and get the youngsters to spell their name, if you have access to stamp letters this can become more lasting a reminder. Each child can only speak (or stamp) a letter while they are standing on/by it. The first time children can play with their own name. repeat using a leaders name, place the children in advance so the letters go in order. this way child one says letter one, child two letter two, and so on. The leaders name was spelt much more quickly because we all worked together and because we were organised. link this thought back in while teaching.
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