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Damascus road (Acts 9:1-17) | Worksheet

As always, there is no replacement for getting the older kids to read the Damascus road biblical text. This worksheet is more of a discussion sheet, but you can get the kids to fill in the top labels and picture boxes.
It is designed for an A4 sheet, but could be used as A5 if you wish to print 2 on a page if you are short on resources.
The PDF can be downloaded by clicking on the image.

Damascus road (Acts 9:1-17) | Character Images

Here are the images you need for the hero’s attributes linked to Damascus road (Acts 9:1-17).
The images are displayed small here, right click and select save – you will then have larger images.



Damascus road (Acts 9:1-17) | Character Images Damascus road (Acts 9:1-17) | Character Images




Damascus road (Acts 9:1-17) | Character Images Damascus road (Acts 9:1-17) | Character Images

I have made this card for Saul not Paul. Paul is a separate card.

Damascus road (Acts 9:1-17) | Story

Damascus road (Acts 9:1-17) | Story
The Saul / Paul story can be tough if it’s not placed in context, so this story does a recap before it begins… Older children can read the bible for the full version as this is quite simplified. The teachers page to the left can be saved as image and it will be the size of an A4 sheet for printing.

So lets work out the story so far….

The bible tells the story of God’s people. It started with one man but soon there were thousands, the problem was they just didn’t listen to what God was saying very well. They stopped asking his advice, they gave God a big building and then ignored him when they were not there.

God wanted to talk with them so badly he decided he would send a messenger. He had sent messengers before, some had been listened to a little, some had been ignored completely. So this time he would send his son, they had to listen to him, because he was God.

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Damascus road (Acts 9) | Craft

I have been making these for some time, they are quite simple, but they do take some preparation time and you need to make sure you have prepared for more children than will turn up, because whipping up another at the last minute isn’t straightforward. Before we start, I must mention it couldn’t have been completed without the artwork of Martin Young at bible cartoons.

Here is the full how to for ‘Damascus Lanterns’


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Giants Journey | Game

This game was originally designed for the Damascus road lesson but it’s so simple and easy to modify that you could use it almost any time.
Board games can be great, but board games can be boring. younger children especially like to move for their game, and many games rely on asking masses of questions of the children. However board games that make the children the pieces are much more popular. I’ve seen suggestions for painting sheets, made tarpaulins into giant twister variations, even seen inactive floors using screens and/or projectors. they are all fantastic, but also a huge amount of preparation and need storage.
This is a floor size board game, it only has 20 squares, it gets kids to move, there are no set questions, but, there is a place to add silly suggestions, it’s quick to prepare, simple to modify to your needs and it still ties into the teaching – Paul was on a journey, he had challenges to face.

Preparation / Instructions:

Print the PDF on card, some pages need to be multiplied!
find a die or make a spinner (last page of PDF template + skewer)
make sure you have a large flat space, and some time to lay out the game before they arrive
you amy also want sticky tack / velcro hook tape to attach the card securely.
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Damascus road (Acts 9:1-17) | Games


This passage is all about light and darkness, the light that blinds, the light that changes, the light of God. At a juxtaposition with the darkness of our own logic, our own self formed conclusions, the darkness of blindness, the darkness of being without God. The games therefore link into this idea of light and dark, it’s something quite tangible to a child’s mind.

Damascus road (Acts 9:1-17) | Games>Damascus road (Acts 9:1-17) | GamesDamascus road (Acts 9:1-17) | GamesDamascus road (Acts 9:1-17) | Games

Find the light– take a glow-stick and hide it in a room, turn off bight lights and let the children find it. As a minute game it works well, but if you want a longer version then use two sets and give each child a glow stick and ask them to find it’s matching pair. The darker the spot it is hidden in the easier it is to find. Talk to the children about how sometimes it’s when things are dark that we see the light of God most clearly.

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