There is no hero for this lesson but there is an illustration which can be used either as a prompt for storytelling, as a way of recapping the story by getting the youngsters to tell you what is happening in each part, or as a colouring page.

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Pearl Colouring-English




Pearl Colouring-Serbian


The parable of the pearl begs for crafts using beads, and while we spent some time making cup and bead catchers, we also used all the beads collected for the story to make something wearable.

I used pipe cleaners as the base, because they are more forgiving when left empty (you only need a fraction of the number of beads to make a bracelet), they tend to hold the beads in place better, and don’t need knots to attach.

Grab a bunch of cheap bead bracelets and snip the elastic. Leave a pile of pipe-cleaners and beads in your craft area (we used a blanket on the floor) and let the kids be creative. It’s great practice of fine motor skills and surprisingly cheap for those on a tight budget.


While I was a bit worried about the younger boys in my group they actually did this surprisingly well and it engaged them for much longer than I expected.

If you really can’t find beads, or not very many, then you could use pasta or plastic straws cut into small pieces. Example


Today’s parable is the parable of the Pearl

Essential Teachers notes:
This is a guideline on how to deliver you message. I’ve written it in story form but do tailor it to your group and teaching style. I have a box of beads for crafting and jewellery making but if you don’t have this, then try to improvise ~ you can often buy cheap plastic bead sets in toy shops. I also had a pearl necklace with a single pearl and a string of irregular shaped pearls to hand round. I hid one pearl bead in a separate box on the other side of the room.

This story is only around 30 words in the bible so you may want to get an older child to read it at the end of telling your own version.
Main Passage : Matthew 13



The Parable of the pearl lends itself to hide and seek style games, but if you want something slightly different then why not check out these alternatives.

Sifting Pearls – Designed to be played with groups used to using a parachute (but could be played with a large net). The aim is to get all the pearls through the hole in the parachute apart from the specified one. For pearls use table tennis balls or tennis balls. make sure one ball is a different colour or mark it with tape to make sure it’s easy to visually distinguish it from the others.

cup and pearl – Catch your pearl in a cup. Make yours at the time or in advance. Punch a hole in the side of a disposable plastic cup, thread a large bead onto the end of a piece of string and attach together. Flip the bead and try and catch it in the cup. Good for small groups who have space or time fillers.


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