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Peter Heals (Acts 3)| Games


Peter Heals (Acts 3) - Games


An important message of the story where Peter heals the lame man, is that the power displayed is not ,owned by Peter, but the power of Jesus flowing through his servant. These games use that idea of passing along alongside ideas about the struggles the lame man may have faced to link into the story.




Peter Heals (Acts 3)| GamesPeter Heals (Acts 3)| GamesPeter Heals (Acts 3)| GamesPeter Heals (Acts 3)| Games

Copy me – Take it in turns to make a pattern that the group follows. This could be as simple as clapping a beat or could include lots of silly actions. Repeat a pattern 3-5 times then move onto the next.
Link: Peter was imitating Jesus, continuing his work, the power did not come from Peter

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Peter Heals (Acts 3) | Character Images


Peter Heals (Acts 3)

Here are the images you need for the hero’s attributes linked to ‘Peter Heals (Acts 3)’ – where Peter heals a lame man.
Each hero set contains a high quality graphic of the character, a take home bible card and a colouring page.

The images are displayed small here, click on the image you wish to have, then save the image that loads.
(These images are not copyright free, they are for personal/classroom use only.)






Peter Heals (Acts 3) | Craft 1


Peter heals a lame man, there is no fanfare, no huge grand sweeping gesture, just Peter meeting a man and offering him healing instead of a few coins. Peter reaches out his hand and pulls the man up, and his legs become strong, and he stands. Its a wonderful moment and one this little bouncy papercraft captures. Be Peter and reach out to the man with the slightest touch and he bounces up! Peter Heals (Acts 3) | Craft 1

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Peter Heals (Acts 3) | Story

Peter Heals (Acts 3) | Story

Essential Teachers notes:
Jesus had left, the holy spirit had come, and with Peter at the lead the new group of Jesus believers were growing rapidly. Signs and wonders abounded but this is the first one fully written out for us. The lame man isn’t asking for healing, Peter is gifting it to him. This is part one of the story, the next lesson completes the narrative of what happens after Peter and John are arrested.

Tell this story or a similar one of your choice from a favourite bible translation or story book. This version is supplied for inspiration, feel free to omit or embellish to give it your personal voice.

Main passage: Acts 3
Additional Passages: none specific.

If you want the teachers page then please click on the image for the pdf.

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