Jigsaw | Characters


This example uses the hero image to make a simple jigsaw. you can do this with any image but here I used the original graphic for John the baptist.

3 ways to use this could be :
Hiding the pieces round the room and then collecting them as a game,
Rewarding pieces for correct answers to comprehension questions, or
Making multiple sets and have them reassemble them as a craft.

08-M-01 You will need to print the image on paper and back that paper onto thick card. Use plenty of glue and make sure you leave it to dry. Cut the image out along the thick black lines into the desired number of pieces – for older children you can increase the number of pieces. You will need to use a sharp craft knife for this process.

Alternatively, you can do this craft with paper by printing the image and cutting round the character. Draw around the character creating an outline onto a backing sheet. split the character with a pair of scissors and give to children.



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