Damascus road (Acts 9:1-17) | Games


This passage is all about light and darkness, the light that blinds, the light that changes, the light of God. At a juxtaposition with the darkness of our own logic, our own self formed conclusions, the darkness of blindness, the darkness of being without God. The games therefore link into this idea of light and dark, it’s something more tangible to a child’s mind.


Find the light– take a glow-stick and hide it in a room, turn off bight lights and let the children find it. As a minute game it works well, but if you want a longer version then use two sets and give each child a glow stick and ask them to find its matching pair. The darker the spot it is hidden in the easier it is to find. Talk to the children about how sometimes it’s when things are dark that we see the light of God most clearly.

Blind man’s bluff – sometimes the traditional games are just the best. Blindfold one player and get them to ‘catch’ another player just by listening. Link to teaching by saying how much we rely on being in the light and not the darkness.

Hide and seek – again traditional but links nicely to the idea of Saul hunting the Christians and Jesus finding him

Untangle – stand in a close circle, put both hands into the middle, and grab someone else’s hand. Then you simply have to untangle the mess to form one or many circles. The addition of glow-stick bracelets and a room of darkness can make the game much more interesting for older players. God helps us untangle our messy lives and his light never falters.
There is also the game GIANTS JOURNEY that was made for this lesson and will be listed on its own.





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