David Anointed (1 Samuel 16) | Story/craft

This is the accompanying images for the story of David’s Anointing. You can run it as a story, as an extra illustration or as a craft. Story post here.
29-M-p129-M-p2Print out the PDF on paper or card stock. I’ve included 2 versions, one with the objects the brothers chose separately and another with them already included – you only need one set. Do not use photographic or coated paper.

You will also want the story provided to refer to and a tray of dark paint or something to pain with. Add to the printout of David a heart cut from sticky back plastic or clear tape, you can stick this over his heart or face or both. (I used clear parcel tape)

As you tell the story you use these images to illustrate it. Slowly bring out each image at the beginning of the story, allow the children to name the brothers if you wish. If you wish to use the official names they are Eliab, Abinadab, Shimea, Nethanel, Raddai, Ozem and we just don’t know the last one.

If you are using the version with the objects separately then when you get to the point of the story where the oldest brother finds a sword bring out the small illustration of a sword and add it to his image. Continue to do this for all eight brothers including David.

Once you finish the story ask the children what you think God saw when he looked at the brothers. Don’t worry if they repeat the answers. Tell the children that you will illustrate what God saw when he looked at the hearts of the brothers.

Starting from the oldest take the picture and place it face down in the tray of paint, or brush the paint over the image. Lift up the picture and show the children, point out that it doesn’t look very nice. Try rubbing the paint away then tell the children stuck there. Repeat this for all of the brothers. When you get to David gently wipe the paint from the paper and it will reveal the heart. Tell the children that God saw David’s heart.



Continue this into a craft by handing out paper and painting things to the children, so they can experiment with the process.

For older children hand out tape and scissors. For younger children prepare the paper with shapes already stuck on.

Encourage children to build up shapes, tape can be difficult to cut and layers can make a beautiful effect/

Both groups will need ample tissue paper.




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