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David Danced (2 Samuel 6) | Games


David Danced (2 Samuel 6) Games


David danced, and Dancing is the key element to most of the game suggestions here, though there is also a game for older kids about moving the Ark.




Relocation – In this challenge, the kids must transport a small box from one side of the room to the other without touching it or it touching the floor. If working in teams, give each team some prep time.
Link: David needed to move the ark correctly. Read verses 3 and 6 to find out what happened when it was wrongly transported.

Follow the leader – In this classic game, you follow the leader around the room imitating their actions.
Link: David led the procession.


Move like a… – Call out something that moves and have the kids act it out. Everything is game from a rabbit to a trash truck! Occasionally throw in “a joyful king!”
Link: David danced with joy.

Catch the rhythm – Using instruments or by tapping, clapping and clicking play this follow the leaders pattern game. Start by having the children repeat a pattern then say they can join in once they have the beat. Play a few times then choose a pattern that ties in with a praise song the children know and start to sing.
Link: David was leading a procession of celebration, he probably wasn’t the only one dancing.

Musical statues – A classic dancing game, what poses can you get the kids to freeze in? Remind the kids that David’s dance was undignified – a total ‘dad dance’ – so don’t worry about looking silly!
Link: David danced!




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