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Discovering your team (Part 1)


Mary, Martha, Peter and Stephen


I wonder if you know a Martha, or a Mary? obviously not just someone who has that name, but whenever you read that story in Luke 10 you think of them. I wonder if you know a Stephen, or a Peter as well. One thing I learnt the hard way was to identify your teachers and helpers. This series of posts will look at those people who we have and how to best use them


Discovering your team (Part 1)Martha just didn’t get why Mary was sitting at Jesus feet and leaving her to do all the work. Obviously the guests needed things, she was playing the role expected of her, being a good host. It wasn’t the women’s place to pretend to be a disciple.


Some people in the church are just like Martha. They work so hard, they are always the ones turning up with extra food, grabbing the cleaning materials or the screwdriver and fixing the fabric of the church’s space. Martha’s are often unappreciated, and generally don’t like to lead. They are living out their Christianity in every act they do and sometimes is difficult to understand why they will volunteer for everything but leading. But, the kitchen is a safe place to be, you’re not made to feel like you should be Mary’s there.

Are they leaders? in example yes yes YES!
but to stand up the front? Nope!
To make them something they are not is to undervalue their offering.


Discovering your team (Part 1)Mary Mary sat at Jesus feet in a state of rapture at his words, she lapped everything up. She should have been with Mary, she knew that, but this was the place to be, and she wasn’t going to miss out on the action to slave over the fire.


Mary’s are easy to spot in church, they will work hard, but often only on things that reflect well on them. They will draw attention to the things they have done behind closed doors, not necessarily to boast but because they just can’t help sharing. They will be the first to volunteer to lead, even though their enthusiasm may not always be followed through. Mary’s will put heart and soul into what they believe in, jump in the deep end and trust god’s power is sufficient.

Are they leaders? willingly YES!
can they survive alone? nope!
To make a Mary effective you need a more practical person to support them.


Discovering your team (Part 1)Stephen wasn’t chosen as an apostle, and he didn’t sign up to be a martyr either. He was chosen to be a deacon, a Martha essentially, to serve the food and give the Apostles more time to teach. But, Stephen was full of God, he outperformed his role, given a little push and next thing you know..


If you know a Stephen you have probably never thought of them as this. Stephen’s have a servants heart but they can also stand up and make speeches. Stephens don’t volunteer to do anything as big as lead, they just see a need and fill it. If your Stephen puts their name on a list then others will follow, because they know Stephen. If Martha’s are ignored, Stephens are the golden boys. they come from nowhere and it’s easy to think of them as great at everything, but just cause they can do it doesn’t mean they need to.

Are they leaders? YES!
can they survive alone? YES!
should they? NO WAY! – they are just one part of the body of Christ and will benefit from others input


Discovering your team (Part 1)Peter was an apostle, but he was a bit of a twit too. He knew from almost day one that he was going to be a leader, that’s how he got his new name. Peter’s daft moments both of faith and failure is what makes him so memorable and so suitable to found the church


Having someone like Peter in a church can be a bit intimidating. They seem to be an authority on everything, but sometimes they seem to be more of an authority of the wrong end of the stick. They throw themselves in head first like Mary’s do, but often without really thinking and have a tendency to end up drowning. Peter’s can be hard to work with, when life is good everything around them benefits, but when they go off track they need a sharp word before they flood the place.

Are they leaders? YES!
can they survive alone? NO!
They need others probably more than any other group.




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