Elizabeth & Mary (Luke 1) | Craft 2


As part of this years update the lesson for Mary and Elizabeth was scheduled to have a paper craft. This is a really simple layered image, that pictures the two women in the time of preparing they spent together.


To make this little scene you’ll need the PDF printout a glue stick, some foam separators and some scissors.


Once you’ve cut out all the shapes you need to put the image together using the separators so the picture has some depth. You can double up to make things stand out more if you wish, equally, you can use no separators at all to have a more subtle image.


Everything can be moved and rearranged apart from the pregnancy bumps that must go in the middle of the white hazy areas.


Once all the specific pieces are placed you can add extra decorations, plants, clouds, or even a quill paper sun as I did.




Donations this month: target - $ 60

$ 17