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Feeding 5000 (John 6) | Craft 2

This is a JWL favourite craft, a spinner reveal for that shows the baskets of leftovers after the 5000 had eaten. It’s one of those crafts that look harder to do than it is, especially as there is more room for error than you may imagine, though it does require a good level of cutting skill. Feeding 5000 (John 6) | Craft 2




Feeding 5000 (John 6) | Craft 2 For this craft you will need the PDF printout (1 page per child), scissors, & sticky tape.

For printing in Colour PDF – one page
For printing with No Colour PDF – one page


Feeding 5000 (John 6) | Craft 2 Separate the bottom section by cutting through the double line. Then cut along all the grey lines to create 3 shapes each with a small slit, and one larger piece with what looks like a half cut out bit.


Feeding 5000 (John 6) | Craft 2 If you’ve been technical and cut with a craft knife skip this step, but for those of us who have needed to cut through the bottom of the display piece with scissors, now is the time to close the gap back up with a piece of tape.


Feeding 5000 (John 6) | Craft 2 Find the smaller piece with the baskets of leftovers on it – labelled ‘A’ on the printout. This is going to slide behind the piece that is attached to the card. from the other side you’ll see that both the central slit and the curve around the edge line up, with the tab sticking out the side.


Feeding 5000 (John 6) | Craft 2 Take the two remaining pieces – labelled ‘B’ and ‘C’ – and line up the central slits. They should look like this. (That is piece B on top)


Feeding 5000 (John 6) | Craft 2 Time to combine. Keep the pieces with their partners and slide the 2 sets of slits together. Really this looks a lot more complicated than it is.


Feeding 5000 (John 6) | Craft 2 Slide the pieces round until the tabs align, the little tab attached to the image of the boy and Jesus should point down, the bigger tabs need to be on-top of each other.


Feeding 5000 (John 6) | Craft 2 Time to secure your creation by sticking down the little flap that’s pointing downwards – dependant on your printer you may have to fold it over the edge of the card.


Feeding 5000 (John 6) | Craft 2 You also need to secure the 2 big turning flaps together, they should be the same size so glue or tape these. It shouldn’t be able to come apart now, and you can have fun spinning it round and round revealing the two images.

Add any additional decorations now if you wish!


Feeding 5000 (John 6) | Craft 2 Feeding 5000 (John 6) | Craft 2 Feeding 5000 (John 6) | Craft 2



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10 responses to “Feeding 5000 (John 6) | Craft 2”

  1. Can you please explain the last part of the craft a little more. I just can’t seem to understand it.

  2. be nice to have a video tutorial for the practical put together portion of these, but love them! my son loves to do these crafts and has me read him the Bible stories over and over again with them.

    • So glad you liked it. Sadly video tutorials are beyond my capacity presently – mostly I would need some considerably better tech to do them.

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