Gaius (3 John) | Craft 2


This second paper craft linked to Gaius’ lesson is a visual reminder that we leave a legacy with the people we meet. After the pop-up envelopes fiddly construction, this is a bid to make something interactive, but much simpler, for the younger ones.

I’ve provided the template partially coloured so the children can finish colouring or you can print in grey scale. This craft is best done with a touch of preparation beforehand.


All you need to make this is a pair of scissors, a split pin, a craft knife and a single sheet printout. Do not allow your printer to stretch the template. Links – Colour PDF, Part colour PDF.


Prepare this craft by pre-cutting the slots with a craft knife, remove the whole window so there is a clear hole. You may also want to make a small hole for the split pin.


Once any extra colouring has taken place cut the 2 shapes from the paper. Put the square to one side and take the circle piece.

Cut along line from the tab, round the envelope, into the circle and round until you reach the middle line.


Repeat on the other side so you have two long tongues coming from the centre circle but they are still firmly attached to it.


Now for construction. Hook the tongue with an envelope on it through the hole by the holy land, repeat with the other tongue in the hole above Gaius’ head.


Line up the centre of the two pieces and add a split pin. Once it’s been flattened out your craft is finished, though you may need to run the mechanism though once to make sure the tongues are not bubbling.


Have the younger kids?
Use a craft knife to cut the slits and the inside cuts on the circle piece, that way they only have to cut the outline.

Have even younger kids?
Print on card to make it a bit more sturdy and cut out completely!


The map image used on this craft is taken from wikipedia, it is not my work. It is used in accordance with it’s licence.



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